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Free Pick Up Service In Yorktown

Free pick up self storage is a conventional self-storage alternative offered in Yorktown and throughout our Westchester County locations.

A Traditional Self Storage Moving Alternative

When most people rent a traditional self-storage unit, they have to take care of everything themselves. They have to rent a moving truck and ask their friends or family members to help them. If they can’t, they’re forced to find a professional moving company.

Our Free Pickup service offers you an alternative.

The biggest complaint we hear from tenants is the time, money and hassle they experience moving themselves into their unit and with our Free Pickup Service, you can potentially avoid these issues.

Why hire a mover, recruit your family and friends or move everything yourself?

Our Free Pick Up Service may be the answer!

Free Pick Up Service

Why let moving into storage stress you out. The process of moving in doesn’t need to be complicated. Just give Yorktown Self Storage a call and we’ll walk you through the details of the service. The service includes free pick up of your items and for many, it offers the the ideal solution, regardless of whether their storage needs are temporary or long-term.

One of team members will be happy to assist you in selecting a storage unit that best suits your requirements. We have everything you’ll need to make your move a successful one.  We offer a wide selection of moving supplies, boxes and packing tape.

We’ll explain our Free Pickup Service to you in less than 10 minutes and help you see if it’s a good fit for you.

Door To Store service truck

Get A Unit Over The Phone

One of our team members is standing by ready to assist you over the phone. Discussing everything over the phone eliminates the need for you to arrange a unit in person. The entire free pick up service and available options will be explained. We pride ourselves on offering unique services to make your storage rental experience a great one.

Door To Store service truck

Got Questions? We’ve Got The Answers.

People are sometimes apprehensive to contact a self storage facility over the phone to arrange for a self storage room. You need not be concerned because the entire Yorktown Self Storage team is here to help and support you throughout the entire move in process. We’ve been helping people like you for more than two decades secure a moving truck and arrange for a great storage unit over the telephone.

Other people have had plenty of questions, you probably do too. We are prepared to spend as much time as you need getting the answers to each one of your questions.

So, give us a call or make an appointment to stop in.

Choosing The Best Unit and Arranging Your Move

We’re prepared to guide you through the process and we’ve made the process extremely simple. In just a few minutes we’ll get everything arranged with you. We are often asked to make recommendations. That’s no problem at all.

A Service To Save You Money And Save You Time.

Simply give us a call at (914) 528-5500 and we’ll walk you through the service options.

Once you’re ready then contact us or give us a call. So whether this is local in town move or one from outside Weschester, let Yorktown Self Storage handle all of your needs.

Free Pick Up Boxes Image

Reasons To Consider Our Free Pick Up Service

FREE transportation to one of our self storage facilities near you in Westchester County is something we offer. You simply need to get your belongings ready and give us a call 914-528-5500 and so we can arrange to come pick them up.

You Don’t Have Much Time

You may be very busy with little time to move and prefer to have your items picked up.

You Don’t Want To Enlist The Help Of Your Family and Your Friends

People don’t like asking their friends and family for help moving and often prefer to leave things to movers.

You’re New To Yorktown

Perhaps you’re new to Yorktown and you’re not sure who you can trust or even where to go for assistance.

You Don’t Want To Move Yourself

You may simply not want to move yourself for whatever reason, physical limitation or you simply don’t want to.

Why Did Other Tenants Select Our Free Pickup Service

They’re Uncomfortable Asking Their Friend or Family
It’s not uncommon for people to feel a bit uncomfortable asking their friends and family for assistance

A Truck or Van Isn’t A Vehicle They Own
Many have a car or SUV, but they don’t have a truck or van to use.

They Don’t Want To Rent A Truck
Hourly or daily truck or van rental fees can add up quickly and may require additional insurance.

They Don’t Want To Drive A Moving Trucks
Many people don’t have any experience driving a truck and don’t want to learn, so renting one isn’t even an option they would consider.


Our Team Is Standing By Ready To Assist You