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Climate Controlled Units Table of Contents:
The Best Protection | Climate Controlled Storage Units | Wine Storage | Antique Storage | Computers & Electronics | Media Storage
Medial Supply Storage | Important Paperwork Storage | 7 Reasons To Select One | Maximizing Your Unit | Climate Impact | Climate Effects

Climate Controlled Storage 

Climate controlled storage is the best way to store your belongings because it keeps a moderated temperature and humidity throughout the year, regardless of the outside conditions. Not always the correct solution, but depending upon what you’re storing, they make all the difference.

Climate Controlled units keep the contents consistent environment, where the temperature inside the individual units is regulated throughout the year.

If extreme fluctuations in temperature between the winter and summer months make you nervous because you know this can cause damage to your belongings, climate-controlled storage is essential. It’s not uncommon for people to store irreplaceable items in a climate controlled environment. Our representatives can assist you in determining if one of our climate controlled units is the right choice for you. Give us a call (914) 528-5500

Why Climate Controlled Storage Offers The Best Protection

Helps Control Mold and Mildew

The ability to control mold and mildew is largely dependent upon right temperature and humidity conditions. Within a narrow tolerance the ideal conditions are created with very little fluctuation. Though temperature is an important element it’s actually the relative humidity that’s often critical.

Not sure how to make the right choice? Don’t worry that’s  as simple as asking one of our storage experts. Our team has years of experience in storing thousands of different items and helping people decide if climate controlled storage is necessary for them.

Climate Controlled unit interior photo
Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Climate controlled units provide a consistent moderated temperature for your belongings throughout the year, regardless of the outside temperature and humidity

Our Door-to-Store service makes it easy to transport your clothes from your home to your private cedar closet self storage unit.

Climate Controlled units for wine storage photo of wine bottles on rack
Wine Storage

Climate Controlled Wine Storage

Climate controlled units provide a moderate temperature which is ideal for wine storage throughout the year.


Climate Controlled units for antiques storage photo of table
Antiques Storage

Climate Controlled Antique Storage

Antiques and the outside elements don’t mix well. The humidity and extreme fluctuations in temperature can warp and degrade the condition of your antiques causing irreparable damage. We suggest storing your antiques in a climate controlled storage unit.


Climate Controlled units for computer storage photo of laptop
Computer Storage

Computers & Consumer Electronics

Electronic equipment needs to be stored in a moisture-free environment. Even small amounts of moisture can can damage to electronic circuits when you turn them back on. If you have video equipment, audio equipment, computers, computer parts, or any other types of electronics equipment, then climate controlled storage units prevent moisture buildup.


Climate Controlled units for clothing storage photo of dresses on hangers
Clothing Storage

Climate Controlled Clothing Storage

Delicate pieces of clothing can easily become damaged when moisture and high levels of humidity are present. This causes fabrics to turn yellow. The high humidity results in odors. For these reasons and in order to keep clothing looking and feeling  the same when you take them out of storage, climate controlled storage units present your best option.


Climate Controlled units for media storage photo of media case and cd
Media Storage

Media Storage Preservation In Climate Controlled Units

Media storage devices require a dry environment free from the damaging effects of moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations. Climate controlled units offer the best protection for software, videos, DVDs, CDs, photographs, vinyl records and cassettes.


Climate Controlled units for medical equipment and supplies storage photo of electronic wheelchair
Medical Storage

Climate Controlled Units For Medical Supplies & Equipment

Pharmaceutical rep supplies, medical supplies, wheelchairs and other medical equipment should all be stored at a consistent temperature that isn’t subject to extreme temperature variations.

Pharmaceutical reps need their supplies to be stored at a controlled temperature not subject to extreme temperature variations, since the supplies can degrade when stored outside a normal temperature range.


Climate Controlled units for files of important papers storage photo of file box
File Storage

Important Paperwork Storage In Climate Controlled Units

Tax files and other important paperwork can degrade quickly if they’re not carefully stored in climate controlled storage units.


7 Reasons To Choose Climate Controlled Storage Units

7 Reasons To Select A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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Reasons to consider upgrading to climate controlled units

1. Replacement Of Your Items Is Expensive
It’s very expensive to replace your valuable items.
2. Some Items Simply Cannot Be Replaced
Irreplaceable items need the safe keeping that climate controlled units provide to they’re not ruined by improper storage conditions.
3. Visitation Conditions
Climate controlled storage provides the ideal temperature for you, when accessing items in your unit.
4. Extended Periods Of Time
It’s not uncommon for people to extend their storage term and climate controlled units offer protection you may not have considered.
5. The Best Option For Your Delicate Items
Moderated climate creates the best conditions for your delicate or fragile items.
6. Temperature Moderation
The moderate temperature climate controlled units offer reduces extreme temperature fluctuations.
7. Eliminate Exposure To The Elements
Interior units  near me offer extra protection from all the seasonal elements.

Maximizing Climate Controlled Storage Units

How To Maximize Your Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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How to get the most out of climate controlled units

1. Categorize Boxes (Kitchen, Bath, Winter Clothes or Christmas)
2. Give A Unique Number to Each Box
3. Each Box Should Be Labeled With Your Name and A Unique Number
4. Use A Piece Of Paper Or Excel Sheet To List Each Box By Number
5. Items And Boxes Should Be Measured
6. Plan Item Placement Within The Unit Before You Move
7. Place The Most Accessible Items Near The Unit Entrance
8. Consider Pallets And Shelving To Raise Items Off The Floor
9. Each Box Should Be Tightly Packed Using Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts Or Towels To Protect Contents
10. “Fragile” Items Should Be Labeled

Climate’s Impact Upon Your Belongings


Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air.

Excess humidity leads to problems. Items tend to swell as humidity increases then shrink as it decreases. Cracking is a common problem caused by high humidity. Mold thrives as humidity increases. Wood, clothing, books, electrical components, computers and other delicate items such as fabric are particularly affected.

Your storage location makes all the difference. Certain locations in your house are more prone to higher levels of humidity than others. the highest levels of humidity are often in the attic, garage and basement. Consider using in a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending upon the conditions of the room.


Temperature plays an important role in the storage of your belongings. Items tend to expand when it’s hot weather and contract when it’s cold. This causes cracking. Problems with bugs and pests tend to increase as temperatures and humidity rise.


Sunlight causes damage across the spectrum of light (UVA, UVB and visible light). The impact is more than most people realize. Sunlight tends to cause fading and discoloration of fabric.


Rainwater can ruin furniture, damage rugs and bedding. It’s not just the rainwater, but dirt, mud and pests as well.


Snow creates moisture. Road salt used to melt the snow is corrosive and damages furniture and clothing.


Seasonal Fall clean brings moisture, dirt and unwelcome pests into your home, which can ruin fabrics, clothing, paper and furniture.

Effects Of Temperature Fluctuations For Storage Near Me

  • Temperatures changes can cause cracking, tearing, breakage and warping of wood from expansion and contraction of the material
  • Fabrics tend to degrade
  • Paper tends to yellow
  • Hot weather and the associated humidity cause mold and mildew.
  • Increased moisture can cause rust and corrosion
  • Dampness can create havoc for electronics.
  • Photos and vinyl records warp, fade or degrade
  • Pests are more common

Self storage units near me in Yorktown are temperature controlled throughout the year, The units are cooled in the summer and heated during the winter. Temperature moderation helps protect valuables from extreme fluctuations in temperature that have been known damage all sorts of household items.

Heated storage rooms help protect your stored items from the effects of even the coldest temperatures.

The most popular storage units are increasingly becoming Climate Controlled Units.




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